Every single donation counts!

Every single donation to Can Do, no matter how small or large, goes towards supporting our activity programme for the Can Do kids. We’re so grateful to everyone who makes a donation, we couldn’t do Can Do without you. Donations and local fundraising contributed over £30,000 to Can Do in 2019, fantastic!

Here’s what your donation could buy for a child attending our playschemes and youth clubs:

£5         Baking, craft and art activities

£10       Sports and swimming activities

£15       Fun with music or animal therapy 

£20       Trip to local attraction


Everything counts, but if you’re able to contribute a bit more, you’ll be supporting a whole Can Do group to do things like:

£50        Treats for the group on the Residential weekend

£100      Youth club visit to the cinema

£500     Rental of a lodge for one of our residential weekends

You can make a donation to Can Do by clicking the Donate button which will take you to our Just Giving page. 

Thank you.