Kirsty Milne


Kirsty’s Can Do CV stretches back nearly two decades. She originally joined as a 15 year old volunteer, and quickly learned that the organisation’s whole ethos was all about offering friendship and practical support for young people to have independence.

Kirsty particularly remembers her first Can Do residential because it gave her an important, lasting insight about the sheer level of support required for the children at home, and a deep respect for the ongoing effort which Can Do parents and carers put in for their kids. Kirsty particularly loves seeing the personal development of local young volunteers when they commit to Can Do, and says it’s so rewarding being part of such a wide Can Do community.

When Kirsty’s not on Can Do duty, you might find her shoring up the defence of the Dunbar Ladies Hockey Club or finding out more about micro-pigs – she hopes to have one as a pet one of these days!