Maria Lyle, Paralympian, New Can Do Ambassador

We are delighted to introduce Paralympian, Maria Lyle as our new Can Do Ambassador. Maria, originally from Dunbar, will be working with us to champion our charity and highlight the work we do supporting disabled children and young people from across East Lothian.

A bit about Maria in her own words.

My name is Maria Lyle. I’m a 24-year-old 100m & 200m Paralympic sprinter, originally from Dunbar. In my career, I’ve won medals at the Paralympics, World, Commonwealth and European. Championships.

I’m very passionate about disability inclusion and have lobbied this, along with equal opportunities, within elite sport and sports coaching. 

It’s not an individual’s impairment that disables them, it’s societies inability to adapt or work around a person’s needs. I believe change comes from educating others and providing a safe place for people to be open to learning from those with lived experience. We all should have the right to access opportunities, friendship, and education regardless of disability, race, gender, sexuality or creed. However, it takes a group who have a shared understanding and care for each other to kick off change. 

I’m very excited and honoured to be an ambassador for Can Do. I have seen first-hand the kindness of people’s hearts in caring for others and providing a safe place for young people to be young people.